Welcome to my blog!!

There is a ton of cool stuff out there in the world and I love learning all about it. I love it so much that I want other people to learn about it too. But some of the really interesting stuff is not explained particularly well. Here, I try to give helpful, approachable, non-intimidating introductions with tons of examples to various areas of math and science and other random stuff. Hopefully, after reading one of my posts you’ll be more equipped to dive deeper into the topic, because I always found that going head first into learning something new was always easier if I had at least an overview and some examples of what I was getting into.

My overall goal is to give simple explanations of rather complicated concepts. I try really hard to boil subjects down into the main ideas while not oversimplifying, it’s a fine balance. So if there are any details missing that would be better if I included in my explanation, feel free to comment and tell me how I could write better.

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